Capital Campaign

Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church

Reverend Freddie Davis, Senior Pastor

October 22, 2022
Pilgrim Rest,
Our Fiftieth Church Anniversary Celebration is coming up next year, and we want
to celebrate it in a big way!
Join me and the Leadership in a rally to raise one hundred and fifty thousand
dollars ($150,000) commencing on our forty-ninth anniversary next month and
culminating on November 19, 2023, at our Fiftieth Church Anniversary.
Our church building needs some major repairs. Namely, the building needs a roof
replacement, an air conditioning unit, and water proofing to address the issue of
water seeping into basement. By raising $150,000, we can pay for these projects
outright and strengthen our savings in the process.
We’ve achieved fundraising goals like this before, with God’s blessings, we can do
it again!
Here is how we can do this so that everyone can participate.
We need this number of members to pledge these amounts of money over a
twelve-month period.

1. 10 members to pledge $2,000
2. 50 members to pledge $1,000
3. 100 members to pledge $500
4. 50 members to pledge $250
5. The rest will pledge an amount that fits their budget

Together, we can achieve this.

Senior Pastor Freddie Davis